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Tell it like it is.

On any project, we’ll be having detailed discussions about how your team gets things done - in real life. Sometimes things go according to official policy and sometimes…they don’t. We get it. No judgment. We encourage our clients to tell the real story about how they work, because the truth reveals important nuances that should be considered. Be open to new and different approaches - in combination with improved software tools, you have the opportunity to get it right.

Know your limits.

Burnout is real, so it’s important to consider the impact of balancing software project work along with your day-to-day operations. Lean on a consultant for project-specific, one-time tasks like data conversion preparation, and consider shifting responsibilities among staff so people can lend their expertise when needed without getting overloaded.

Invest in processes.

Tools alone don’t get things done; the way your team uses them is just as important. Designing, implementing, and adhering to processes that complement your software is critical for achieving and sustaining success. Plan to adapt as a team so that your new setup works for you, not against you.

Plan to measure success.

Consider ahead of time which metrics you will use to track the progress and payoff your new or improved software delivers. Which reports will you showcase with your team and your board? What gets measured gets done, so keep everyone focused on the same desired outcomes.

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